A close up of an arrow with the handle bent

Carrying and storing extra arrows is an age old conundrum for archers.

Individually hand crafted quivers by Czechmark Quivers fill that need with style and functionality.

Its light mass, unobtrusive slim-line fit and its  organic appearance allow this quiver to be a beautiful addition to your bow. This is not a hunk of cold metal and plastic!

From the steam bent wooden main frame, to the hand stitched  high quality “Veg. tan” leather hood, every aspect of this product has been crafted with care and insight!

The securing system is bomb proof. It locks the quiver to your bow solidly, no bolts or straps to loosen or get lost.

 This quiver will not move, slide or come loose!!

The quiver is available with different wood types, sizes and arrow capacities.

PRICE: $220.00 USD

PRICE: $300.00 CAD

A black and silver bicycle pump on top of a wooden floor.

These incredibly versatile and accurate  tools from Two Sticks Archery, have  many unique features:

  • The roller bearings on the support posts facilitate easy and free rotation of the shaft for specific functions.
  • Center post is adjustable to ensure absolute accuracy.
  • The load cell units are modular.  Should they ever become damaged over time, they are very easily replaced without having to return the entire unit to us.
  • Both models utilize our specific D.A.T. system within the firmware. This very  unique design feature automatically  recalibrates the system  every time  a shaft is removed and a new one loaded. Thus totally eliminating creep and any variability in the system.
  • Uses a standard phone or device charger for the power source. The USB  adaptor cable is included.

Arrow Analyzer Pro:

  1. Measure weight (grains).
  2. Measure weight (grams).
  3. Measure accessories  weights ( points, nocks etc.).
  4. Calculate  F.O.C. (front of center).
  5. Calculate  F.O.C. (front of center).   
  6. Measure AMO spine.
  7. Measure ATA spine.
  8. Measure ASTM spine.
  9. Measure arrow straightness.
  10. Calculate arrow GPP (grains per pound) 
  11. Calculate  GPI (grains per inch).
  12. Predict the Position of Spline on Carbon shafts ( different to spine).
  13. Rechargeable battery option with up to 5hr battery duration on a charge ( battery not included, due to shipping restrictions).

Digital Spine Tester:

  1. Accurate digital  spine values : AMO, ATA and ASTM.
  2. Measure weight in  grains.
  3.  Measure weight in Grams.
  4. Measure accessories  weights ( points, nocks etc.).
  5. Rolling spine identifies the “Spline” in the shafts (stiff side).   







A picture of the ultimate fast crest tool.
A table with several different types of cameras on it.

The “Fast Crest Ultimate” is exactly as the name implies, fast, efficient and accurate! It is the veritable  Rolls Royce of cresting tools! 

With the heavy duty aluminum  T track “backbone” construction and  proper, high speed, stainless steel  easy run roller bearings throughout, everything about this tool says durable and infinitely adjustable!

Available in two sizes: The standard 20″ / 50cm model and the XL 31″/80cm model.

The XL has two stabilizing idler arms and two index card holders, for folks that would like to do more extensive cresting down the arrow shaft.

Both models are available as either left-hand or right-hand variants.

The design is innovative and ergonomic,  whilst still being  infinitely adjustable.

  1. Hassle free assembly and use.
  2. Fully adjustable, heavy duty 1.25″ x 1.25″ square  track, provides strength and stability within the greater working area.
  3. Easy to access on/off switch with fine speed motor control. Adjustable from 0 to 300 rpm.
  4. High torque 12v 2a DC motor ( biggest motor on any crester on  the market!).
  5. Easily load shafts single handed, even whilst the motor is running.
  6. Fully adjustable and easy to use adjustable spring pressure idler arm.
  7. Idler arm, motor assembly  and rule holder are fully adjustable on the sliding track.
  8. Adjustable shaft stopper position.
  9. High quality, silent spinning solid steel rollers utilizing  special U-bearings and “smooth spin” screws.
  10. Easy access drawer for storing cresting tools.
  11. Arrow drying racks included.

PRICE : STD – $190.00 CAD   

               XL – $230.00 CAD

  PRICE : STD – $150.00 USD   

                 XL- $180.00 USD


A yellow and black plastic toy on top of a wooden floor.

For maximum efficiency and accuracy, this fletcher delivers!

  1. Our unique “HYBRID” steel/synthetic fletch clamps  for durability, versatility and  easy glue clean up.
  2. Available with Helical or  straight clamps. Jig is fully adjustable for  left offset and right offset fletch patterns.
  3. Range of collar inserts to match all carbon, aluminum and wooden shaft sizes.
  4. Nock orientation adjustable to set fletches for Mediterranean or Ottoman/compound style fletching.
  5. Available with either 7″ clamps or 10″ clamps.

PRICE :$113.00 CAD

PRICE :$90.00 USD


A black and white photo is coming soon

An excellent introduction to 3 fletch, fletching jigs!

Economical and effective, yet with all the features of our more expensive jigs.

  1. Plastic clamps and frame.
  2. Left or right Helical  7″ clamps.
  3. Nock orientation adjustable to set fletches for Mediterranean or Ottoman/compound style fletching.

PRICE :$70.00 CAD

PRICE :$55.00 USD



A yellow ruler and some black plastic parts
Two yellow and black tools are on a table.

Do not under estimate the value of this single fletch, entry level fletcher.

Its built to the same exacting standards as all the other products in the “Two Sticks Archery”  lineup.

  1. Nock orientation adjustable to set fletches for Mediterranean or Ottoman/compound style fletching ( cock fletch perpendicular or vertical).
  2. Available as either a 7″  or a 10″ model.
  3. complete with 4 different indexers:  3x 120° , 4 x 90°, 4 x 120°/60° ,    4 x 105°/75°

The 7″model  is available either with straight or helical clamps.                    The 10″ model is only available as a straight fletch.

All clamps are  fully adjustable  for left and right offset fletch’s.

Simple, efficient and effective!!

PRICE :  7″- $38.00 CAD

               7″- $30.00 USD

PRICE: 10″ – $49.50 CAD

              10″- $39.00 USD


A wooden board with two pieces of wood on it.
Taper Jig

As simple and cost effective as this tool is, the accuracy of the tapers attained is incredible.

Simply adjust the two sanding pads to suit the desired taper rate and length, chuck the shaft in a drill, spin the shaft as fast as possible, and feed it slowly into the jig.

If the sanding belts get clogged or worn, simply loosen the internal tensioning bolts, and either replace or rotate the belts, and your right back at it, without messing with your settings!

Tip: To save on readjusting the sanding pads for different tapers, simply  have multiple jigs for each taper configuration required.

For those of you that like to build your own jigs and tools, head on over to our “How To” page to find the free plans for building this jig.

PRICE: $75.00 CAD

PRICE: $55.00 USD


A red and silver cigarette lighter sitting on top of a table.
Arrow-Fix Tool

One  of the niftiest and handiest , multi-functional archery tools ever developed.

This unique arrow repair tool accommodates all 3 sizes of shaft. It will do both point and nock tapers, but most importantly, it can be used to repair or to add economical hardwood footings to your existing wooden arrow shafts.

The tool easily drills an internal taper into your selected stock, that glues perfectly onto a standard point taper.

PRICE: $225.00 CAD

PRICE: $166.00 USD


A close up of two different types of tools
Arrow-Fix  Power Taper Tools

With the PT Power-Taper you can make a taper for nock and point within a fraction of a second. The proven quality of the blade with its cutting performance guarantees a high tool life even when cutting hardwood like beech, osage or bamboo.

PRICE: Nock Taper Tool – $61.22 CAD 

             Point Taper Tool – $61.22 CAD

PRICE: Nock Taper Tool – $45.00 USD 

             Point Taper Tool – $45.00 USD

A white tube sitting on top of a wooden table.
5″ Hardwood Footing  Sections

Do you want to reinforce the fore-section of your wooden arrows, here is the quickest and most economical way to do it!

The conical joint is incredibly strong, and very straight forward to affix.

PRICE: $1.66 CAD ea.

PRICE: $1.33 USD ea.


A pencil sitting on top of a wooden table.
9″ Repair Sections

Broken your favorite arrow? These sections are made from our Premium grade Sitka Spruce and Hemlock wooden arrow shafts.

If you need a longer section, just ask! We will do any length required!

PRICE: $1.46 CAD ea.

PRICE: $1.20 USD ea.


Two metal parts sitting on top of a wooden table.
Arrow-Fix Sockets

5/16, 11/32 and 23/64 stainless steel sockets for the arrow fix tool.

PRICE: $31.29 CAD ea

PRICE: $23.00 USD ea.


A pile of toilet paper rolls on top of a table.
Hardwood Glue-On Nocks

Looking for an alternative to plastic glue on nocks.

 With the look and feel of a self nock, but with all the convenience of a glue on nock.

I just love the ease of mind, that when I lose one of my wooden arrows afield, that every part of it is biodegradable.

PRICE: $13.30 CAD  doz.

PRICE: $10.20 USD  doz.