Our Products

We take great pride and care in every one of our products.

We put a lot of time, thought  and consideration into every single item!

We are never prepared to make or sell a product that we personally, wouldn’t be happy to use!

We are our own worst critics and quality controllers!

Wooden shafts

All of our shafts undergo at least four “bilateral flexion” stress tests during the manufacturing process.

This helps to further eliminate any hidden flaws or invisible weaknesses. 

Our shafts are all  34″ long, that’s 2″ longer than the industry standard.

Shafts are hand spined and weight sorted into as tight a parameter as possible.

Shafts will all at least be within within 5# spine groups, and weight-matched in 10-grain weight groups, usually better! 

Completed shafts are packaged, labeled and clearly marked in dozens.


We only carry products we believe in , have personally used and can unequivocally vouch for.

 We will never sell a product simply for the sake of selling!

Our primary focus is to seek out innovative, high quality products from manufacturers that are reliable and dependable.

Manufacturers that are pushing the envelope of ingenuity and design concept.

Companies who are as passionate about archery and attention to detail as we are!



We intentionally do not have an on-line store.

Primarily due to the fact that purchasing Premium -Grade Wooden Arrow Shafts, is not something that should be taken lightly.

It is the single biggest variable in your entire archery set-up.

Selecting incorrectly matched arrow shafts  not only leads to frustration and inaccuracy, but can be downright dangerous.

Please feel free to use our contact us page,  and if you prefer to chat, simply drop us a phone number and a time most convenient for you, we are absolutely happy to call you, on our dime and discuss your wooden arrow shaft needs.

 Many Thanks