Shafts from True Shaft archery


Recognized as the strongest wood for its weight in the world. The light mass allows one to increase the point weight (and attain higher F.O.C. values) without resulting in an excessively heavy finished arrow.

Easy to straighten, and takes all stains and finishes well.

An awesome all-around arrow shaft!

Available in 5/16″ , 11/32″  and 23/64″ sizes.

PRICE:  $37.00 USD per doz. Premium.

          $29.00 USD per doz. Hunter.


Extremely similar in characteristics to its near cousin, Douglas Fir. It is a hardy, heavier shaft. If you are looking for a higher mass, hard hitting arrow, this is the shafting to get the job done!

Hemlock straightens easily and take stains and finishes nicely.
​The grain pattern is very prominent, and makes for a very attractive  shaft when stained.

Available in 11/32″.

PRICE:  $37.00 USD per doz. Premium.

          $29.00 USD per doz. Hunter.

HEX Shafts

We managed to acquire the original ‘HEX Shafts” business and machinery. We have been spending many months upgrading the machinery and the processes, to create a fine product.

These unique shafts are laminated from 6 equal triangular pieces of Hemlock, using fully waterproof “Tite Bond 3” glue. These superior shafts are extremely tough and durable.

The biggest advantage of the Hex shafts, is the uniform spine all around the shaft. Additionally, the laminating process creates a vastly stiffer product, which in turn allows for thinner shafts in higher spine values!



5/16 Kids Shafts

Economy shafts for youngsters who simply love to  see arrows fly!

Un-spined, un-weighed, but flex tested multiple times to ensure some longevity!

Available in packs of 100 (+ 5 bonus shafts) or in dozens upon request.

PRICE: $120.00 USD  per 100(+5)

Discounted Bulk Packs

If you are looking for the most economical way to obtain a bulk bundle of shafts, this is the way to go!

All the advantages of ‘bulk pricing”, but with all the quality and detail of the same high grade shafts that you have become accustomed to!

Available in a bulk pack of 9 matched dozens (108 shafts)

No need to sort and weight a bulk pack, only to land up with extra, unmatched shafts.

You simply choose 9 dozen shafts from our inventory. Mix and match bundles of different species, spine or size to suit your specific needs.

PRICE: $299.00 USD  Premium.

         $234.00 USD  Hunter.

8″ Back Taper

Archers have known for centuries that long back tapers on shafts vastly improve performance.

Now, fortunately we have the scientific understanding and high speed photography to clearly indicate how back tapers improve performance of the wooden arrow.

They primarily disrupts the oscillations induced into a wooden shaft upon release of the string.

This disruption equates to quicker recovery from “Paradox”, straighter flight, greater accuracy  and better penetration.

PRICE: $7.00 USD  per Dozen shafts.

Nock taper included at no extra charge!



Point or Nock  Tapers

We use an extremely accurate, powered point and nock taper tool.

We are more than happy to add point and nock tapers to your True Shaft Archery wooden shafts!

PRICE: $4.00 USD  per Dozen shafts.